Misting 101

What is Mistcooling?

Mistcooling is an outdoor cooling solution, working on the evaporative cooling principle, similar to how our bodies use sweat to cool on a hot day. The main difference however is that the mist does not need to land on our bodies or the surfaces to cool the surrounding areas, 

The misting nozzles, with their minute orifices, produce mist, which easily evaporates, resulting in the cooler surroundings. The finer the mist, the faster the evaporation, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the misting system.

Categories of Misting Systems

Categories of Misting Fan Systems

         Misting Fan Systems use an outdoor misting fan, with a Fan misting ring or Center Hub and misting nozzles to spray mist over a wide area. The outdoor fans are wall mount, with 3 speeds and come in oscillating or stationary mode.  The weather-proof fans are available in black and white colors.

  • Misting Fan Systems: These systems use outdoor rated fans, for wider spray angle, ideal for resort misting, warehouse misting, and track and field events. These systems are also portable misting systems and can be used for dust suppression for construction site misting.

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What are the main components of a Misting System?

The main components of any misting system are:
  1. Misting Pump
  2. Misting Nozzles
  3. Tubing
  4. Filter
  5. Fittings
  6. Outdoor Fans


Misting Pump: The misting pump is an important part of a mist cooling system. The normal city water pressure is 40 - 100 PSI ( Pounds per Square Inch), which can be increased to 1500 PSI by a High Pressure misting pump. The higher pressure pump helps produces the finest mist, decreasing the water droplet size, by up to 25%, leading to faster cooling.

  1.              Types of Pumps:

Misting pumps are classified by pressure, and application.

  1. Misting Pumps by Pressure: Mist cooling pumps come in Mid and High Pressure.  The mid-pressure range is from 200 to 250 PSI. These are starter level pumps, that help produce finer mist, with a flow rate of 0.9 Gallons Per Minute ( GPM), and can support up to 20 Misting Nozzles.

  • High Pressure Misting Pumps - Come in 1000 PSI and 1500 PSI.
  • The 1000 PSI pumps are the lower tier of High-Pressure Mist Pumps and can support up to 40 Misting heads. 1000 PSI misting pump is ideal for patio misting systems and residential misting applications. The flow rate is up to 0.30 GPM
  • The 1500 PSI misting pump, with added free features like Solenoid Valve, Pressure Switch, and Pressure Adjustment Valve. These protect your misting pump from damage, enhance the performance and provide longer service. The 1500 PSI misting pumps come in standard and premium format.

The standard 1500 PSI misting pumps are oil-less and have a flow rate of up to 0.30 GPM. 

The premium pumps use oil, have a higher continuous operation rate, are quieter, have a flow rate of up to 3 GPM, and can run up to 260 Misting Nozzles. The 1500 PSI pump can also be controlled by your smartphone for up to 1 GPM Flow.  These pumps come in a standard format and premium format.


     b. Misting Pumps by Application: Based on your application we also have these misting pumps for Industrial applications:

  • Humidification Misting Pumps - Misting Pumps with automated humidity controllers, are ideal for greenhouse humidification, wine cellar humidity control, mushroom farming humidity control, and other industrial humidification control.
  • Variable Frequency Drive Pumps - Misting pumps that operate based on usage, so the power consumption is less and can increase misting operation when needed.
  • High Flow Misting Pump - Up to 20 GPM Misting Pumps for specialized industrial misting applications.
  • Stainless Steel Misting Pumps - Misting System Pump for corrosive and high heat intensity industrial applications.  The stainless steel mist pump is ideal for industrial furnace cooling applications.
  • Odor Control Pumps - Pumps for odor control in landfills, and odor control with spray for garbage dumpsters.

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Misting Pump Specifications

Misting Pump Weight & Dimensions

Misting Pump Manuals:


Misting Nozzles: The nozzles produce the mist, breaking the water down into smaller particles.  The smaller the orifice size, the finer the mist.  To deliver the finest mist, 1500 PSI misting pumps are required to force the water through the small orifices.  Misting nozzles are chosen for their orifice sizes, their spray pattern, spray angle, and also applications.

  1.          Special Misting Nozzles

        Most misting nozzles have a 60 - 70 degrees spray pattern and are to be used for water, however, Mistcooling also has nozzles for spraying corrosive liquids with KBN misting nozzles and special cleanable misting nozzles for mosquito misting systems and odor control misting systems. Nozzles in this category include:

  1. Anti-Drip Misting Nozzles
  2. Cleanable Misting Nozzles
  3. Mosquito Misting Nozzles
  4. M Series Stainless Steel Nozzles
  5. Nozzle adapters for thread size 9/16, 1/8.
  6. KBN Series Nozzles
  7. Nozzle Clusters for Special Effects Misting Systems

Misting Nozzles Flow Rate, Droplet Size



Tubing: Tubing is what delivers the water from the garden hose, to the pump and from the pump to the nozzles.  The choice of tubing depends on the color of your house, for example, beige color tubing looks good and matches most houses in the USA. Similarly, stainless steel tubing provides good contrast, is maintenance-free, and is ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial misting applications.  Mistcooling tubing is UV treated, to ensure it lasts longer, and does not crack or discolor.

    • Type of Tubing:
      • Stainless Steel Tubing - 1/4 Inch or 3/8 OD - 2000 PSI Rated - for Mid and High Pressure Misting Systems. Suitable for Industrial Misting Systems.
      • Nylon Tubing - 1/4 or 3/8 OD, with a pressure rating of 1800 PSI, ideal for Residential Misting Systems and Industrial Misting systems.
      • PE (Polyetherene Tubing) - 1/4 or 3/8 OD, with a pressure rating of 300 PSI, ideal for Residential Misting Systems and Low / Mid Pressure Misting Systems and Misting Fan Kits.

Filter: The misting system filter, helps protect your misting nozzles from clogging up due to impurities.  The filters can increase the longevity of your misting nozzles, and the mist quality and also protect your tubing.

Fittings: There are two kinds of fittings normally used in Misting Systems.

  1. Push Lock Fittings: These are easy to connect, easy to remove, reusable fittings which lock on the tubing.  Mostly used for mid-pressure and high-pressure fittings.  Most are brass/nickel plated.
  2. Compression Fittings: Tight lock, not removable, and used for more permanent systems and industrial misting systems.  The compression fittings are available in stainless steel as well as brass with nickel plating.


Outdoor Fans: These are outdoor rated fans, weatherproof, with thermal overload protection and enclosed motors.  The outdoor fans come in sizes of 18 Inches, 24 Inches, and 30 Inches.  18 Inch Fans are non-oscillating, whereas the 24 Inch and 30 Inch fans are oscillating. The weatherproof fans come in black and white colors, wall mount, and with a 3-speed control.

Other Mistcooling System Components

  • Misting Tent - 10’ x 10’ portable Tents with stainless steel frames, fitted with the misting system are ideal for cooling outdoor events.  Because they are easy to set up they can be used for cooling backyard parties, cooling staff parties, and outdoor wedding events cooling.  We have the standard canopy tents, inflatable misting tents, and inflatable misting arc.
  • Portable Fan Misters - 24 Inch and 30 Inch outdoor misting fans fitted with a misting pump and a water tank on a trolley for easy movement in and out of construction sites for dust control.  Portable mist fans are ideal for construction site cooling, construction sites dust control, sports events cooling, and football field cooling.

Pool Cooler

  • The pool cooler is an easy-to-install and removes device added to the water jet of your inground swimming pool to pressurize and spray the water like a fountain to cool your swimming pool during the hot summer. Operated at a fraction of the cost of a water chiller, this Made in USA pool mister has been proven to reduce swimming pool water temperatures by up to 10 degrees.  The pool mister also helps maintain the chemical balance of your swimming pool.  We have the residential pool mister and a commercial scale pool cooling equipment for bigger swimming pools.

Pool Cooling Equipment


Mistcooling Applications: