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Pool Cooler | Pool Chiller | Pool Mister (2022 Model)

  • No need to remove the pool wall adapter
  • Easy Install

Mistcooling.com’s New Pool Cooler / Mister is the perfect and the best economical way to make a comfortably cool warm swimming pool water.

This swimming POOL COOLER is a simple design to solve the problem of hot pool water and affordable, easy to install, zero operating cost, maintenance-free and inexpensive to operate. It does not require any power, Freon, or gas to operate, just attach to the pool return jets fitting by removing the existing pool fitting retaining ring.

An 8 to 10-degree drop in water temperature (from 95' to 85') can result in savings of 20-25% on chemical consumption and increase pool vinyl life.

Pool Cooler Installation Instructions


How Effective is the Pool Cooler?

How Many Pool Coolers do I need?

Depending on the size and number of return jets- we recommend the following:

Number or Return Jets Number of Pool Coolers
2  1 to 2
3  1 to 2
4  2 to 3
5  3 to 4
6  3 to 5
7  4 to 6

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