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Select from our range of Mistcooling Systems. See the video below to know the difference between the systems, and select the best choice for you. We have low pressure misting systems, mid pressure misting system, high pressure misting systems. Low Pressure misting systems do not use a misting pump, are easy to install and use the city water pressure.




Mistcooling Products


Which System is best for me?

Watch the video below to make a choice between the Low, Mid & High-Pressure Systems.


Select a system by the design of your patio:

Guide to Choosing the Best System?

What is the dimension of the coverage area?

  1. We recommend a spacing of 2 feet between Misting Nozzles.
  2. Measure the length and width of your area for misting. Calculate the perimeter and divide by 2 to get the number of Mist Nozzles.
  3. If you have a closed side, do not include that dimension in the calculation. For example, if you have a length of 20 Feet, and a width of 10, with one closed side, then the covered area would be 20 + 10 +10 = 40 / 2 = 20 Nozzles. 

What is the application of your misting system?

Mist cooling systems vary in design and size by application. For example for Industrial misting applications, we recommend more than 2 GPM pumps, stainless steel tubing, and large scale filters. This helps keep the system operating efficiently and effectively. For residential misting systems, we recommend 1500 PSI systems with with stainless steel or High pressure nylon tubing.

What kind of Mist is produced by the 3 different systems?

Do you want to order our standard kits or do you want to build your own misting system?

For our standard systems, and build your own kits, please click on the links above. We have provided design ideas below, please click on the link to view recommended systems.