How to select the best mistcooling system

Mistcooling systems are used for a variety of applications, ranging from cooling to highly specialized misting applications like data center misting, dust suppression for construction side misting. The equipment used varies by the application of the misting system, for residential misting systems, the garden hose misting systems can be used at the entry-level for small areas, however, we advise using mid or high pressure misting systems with misting pumps to generate the finest mist spray for best effect. The choice of misting systems is determined by:

1. The area to be covered:

  •  This is done by measuring the dimensions of the length, width, and height of the area you want to have the misting system for.
  •  Remove the closed sides and divide the result by two to give you the number of misting nozzles you require.
  •  So for example, for figure 1 below, you will need 20 misting nozzles.

2. Once you have the number of misting nozzles, make a decision of the system pressure you want:

Low-Pressure Misting System

  • Connects to the garden hose, uses city water pressure, and
  • Produces the fine mist using the high flow misting nozzles
  • Normally leaves water residue, as the droplet size is big, takes longer for evaporation
  • Not recommended for high humidity areas

Mid Pressure Misting System

  • Uses a 200 or 250 PSI Misting Pump
  • Produces finer mist than the low-pressure misting system
  • Includes inbuilt filtration for protecting your misting nozzles
  • Connects to a power source or can draw water from a tank

High-Pressure Misting System

  • Produces finest mist
  • Uses 1000 PSI or 1500 PSI misting pump
  • Ideal for high humidity areas
  • Leaves no water residue
  • In-built filtration and pump protection features.

Other options available:

  • Include our weatherproof fans in your misting system to enhance the air flow.
  • Select from easy to use push lock fittings or tight grip compression fittings
  • Use Stainless Steel Mist Tubing or High pressure Nylon Tubing

See detailed specifications and comparisons of our Mid & High-Pressure Misting Systems.

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Specialized Misting Systems:

For Industrial and Specialized misting systems we have the following features:

  • 3 GPM - 5 GPM Misting Pumps
  • Variable Frequency Pumps
  • Can run up to 260 Misting Nozzles
  • With push lock or compression misting parts
  • Weather Proof Misting Fans

Applications include:

  • Residential Misting Systems
  • Data Center Misting Systems
  • Greenhouse humidification systems
  • Odor Control misting systems
  • Restaurant Misting Systems.
  • All misting system applications


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Date : 11/24/2021