About Us

What do we really do?

MistCooling, Inc. has been an innovative and leading source of misting systems for over a decade. Our company specializes in having the highest quality misting systems for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Agriculture, and outdoor cooling applications. With over 30 years of combined experience in selling high-pressure misting pumps, MistCooling, Inc. is now focused on producing a variety of Mist-fog Nozzles, Mist Fans, Portable Misting Systems, Line-based Misting Systems, and Insect/Mosquito Control Systems. Because of exceptionally innovative products and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge, our misting products are repeatedly chosen to cool high profile venues such as international sporting events, famous restaurants, theme parks, major industrial plants, five-star hotels and resorts, and for military training.

Our industry-leading misting systems utilize ultra-fine water “Mist” droplets to reduce outdoor temperature up to 30 degrees. Mist cooling is one of the most cost-effective, and efficient, methods available for cooling open outdoor areas which cannot be covered by AC units. Our quality mist systems are cost fractional compared to our competitors. Mist Cooling kits force water through our specially designed misting nozzles to create a fog of ultra fine water/mist droplets. The finer the mist, the quicker it will evaporate, creating an immediate cooling zone. We utilize evaporative cooling and the science of thermal dynamics; that is, the fact that water requires energy to evaporate. In this case, energy comes from the sun. Exchange of the sun’s energy will result in evaporation of the mist and drastically lower the ambient temperatures.

MistCooling Inc's high-pressure kits are designed to perform flawlessly and will instantly create a cool, comfortable environment without sacrificing the looks of your outdoor living space. All kits are expandable and are customized to your specifications. Our Stainless steel mist line combines the most elegant looks with a lifetime warranty. All Mid Pressure Mist Systems come standard with our exclusive Cleanable Misting Nozzles. These nozzles are specially engineered and have a longer lifespan so you can save money. Our high-quality UV-treated flexible tubing and push lock fittings will last for years to come. Our Misting systems provide great relief for dairy cows, cattle, poultry, and horses during hot summer weather. Our high velocity, three-speed mist fans are UL and OSHA approved for outdoor use. Misting fans can be used to cool athletes at various sporting and outdoor events. Our Tent Misting Kits are a very economical and simply a great way to stay cool under the sun. Perfect for any outdoor activities.

Our vision

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every customer by offering high-quality mist cooling products, outstanding customer service, and greater value. Our employees are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise, thereby ensuring that our customers receive the most effective and professional service. We pride ourselves on our proven track record for the design and installation of custom misting systems. Our outdoor mist cooling products are supplied worldwide to over 90 countries. In order to meet the individual needs of our customers, MistCooling, Inc. maintains a wide range of inventory and offers custom-made misting systems in a budget-friendly manner. Our do-it-yourself mist kits are designed with the installer in mind and can be installed within minutes. MistCooling, Inc. offers professional installation for all our outdoor mist cooling kits and also provides rental misting systems for any outdoor events.